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Principles of Applied
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More than 2 billion people currently use text- and voice-based chat platforms like Facebook Messenger and Amazon Echo. At the same time, e-commerce and interactive conversational experiences are beginning to flourish, while chatbots are emerging as the key mechanism companies are using to interact with consumers at scale. Written as a guide for CEOs, “Conversational Business: A Market Overview” provides a high-level look at the opportunities that conversational business presents.

Security first is a mindset. It’s thinking about your company’s security holistically from the ground up and using it to differentiate your business. That means looking beyond technical considerations to see where security fits into all aspects of your business. And ultimately, security is an opportunity, the challenge is how to best take advantage of that opportunity before your competition does.

Conversational business is about using messaging apps, speech-based assistants and chatbots to automate communication at scale. It’s an opportunity to create natural, highly personalized experiences for your customers on the platforms they’re already using. It’s also something many of them have already come to expect.

Applied analytics combines deep domain knowledge around a business process with big data software platforms and information rights. The result is deep analytic insights that enable companies to create business processes that are more intelligent, efficient and valuable.