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Is the Vector Institute the Key to Unlocking the Next Big Thing in AI?

Today was the official launch of the Vector Institute, a new independent research organization founded by some of the best minds in the world in artificial intelligence (AI), including Geoff Hinton and Richard Zemel. Based in Toronto, Vector’s goal is to attract and retain more top AI researchers who want to lead the world in machine learning and deep learning research.

Georgian Partners is very excited to be one of the inaugural sponsors of the Vector Institute. We backed Vector, alongside more than 30 other industry partners (and with the support of the federal and provincial government), because of the importance of deep AI research to our industry and the wider economy.

We have no doubt that the trend of top Canadian talent being hired to join (and sometimes lead) the best commercial AI labs in the world will continue. It’s a testimony to the quality of our academic institutions. However, Vector now provides top researchers a Toronto-based, independent, well-funded and world class home in which they can work on the next wave of AI breakthroughs. And coupled with Canada’s tolerant and inclusive approach to people of all backgrounds, Vector also represents an opportunity to win more than our fair share of top talent from other countries.

But Vector is about more than just research and talent. It’s also an opportunity to create real economic value Vector has been set up to work with commercial partners to bring breakthroughs to market, benefiting our local technology ecosystem and the wider Canadian economy. As investors, we’re excited to see the commercial opportunities that will come from the research done at Vector. Those opportunities will include the acceleration of AI capabilities at companies like and Freshbooks, both Georgian Partners portfolio companies and inaugural sponsors of Vector, and the launch of new applied AI start-ups.

We’re excited to be supporting the Vector Institute and look forward to playing a part in bringing new breakthrough AI research to market.