Tyson Baber



Tyson Baber is a Partner on our Investment team and manages a range of activities including deal selection, due diligence and post-investment support. In addition to serving on the boards of several portfolio companies, Tyson provides expertise and guidance in the areas of business alliances, investment analysis and exit strategy.

Combining deep knowledge of both business and legal matters, Tyson is well versed in contracts, negotiations, transaction structure, strategic partnerships, licensing, royalties, acquisitions, divestitures and strategic minority equity investments. He plays an important role in our applied analytics workshops and leads Georgian Data Union, a consortium of portfolio companies that share aggregated, anonymized data for benchmarking and advancing other common operational objectives.


Prior to joining Georgian Partners, Tyson worked for IBM, where he led acquisitions, strategic partnerships and divestitures for the Business Analytics segment of IBM Software Group. Tyson led several acquisitions for IBM, including Cognos and SPSS. In addition, Tyson led the creation and first investments of the IBM Watson venture fund.


Tyson holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flager Business School, where he graduated with highest honors and was Beta Gamma Sigma. Tyson also earned a Juris Doctor from the UNC School of Law.

Did you know?

Tyson, his wife and two young children enjoy travelling internationally, often to visit family abroad. He is also an avid college basketball fan who can be found cheering for his favorite team come tournament time (Go Heels!).

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(416) 868-9696

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Development


Due Diligence


Technical Support



Thousands of users worldwide rely on the Aera supply chain intelligence cloud as the trusted source for getting actionable knowledge about their supply chain. Aera provides an advanced big data platform, embedded data science that puts advanced analytics in the hands of business users, and pre-built supply chain models specific to the supply chain that accelerate time to insights.

Team: Tyson Baber, Jason Brenier, Liliana Panic, Emily Walsh

Beam Dental

Beam Dental was built around the idea that blending technology with traditional insurance policies could bring incredible value to a commoditized employee benefits market. Beam Dental is a company’s best choice for a differentiated, innovative take on dental and ancillary employee benefits with a nationwide network of dentists. For more information, visit beam.dental.

Team: Tyson Baber, Jason Brenier, Evan Kerr


Bluecore enables eCommerce marketers to create and distribute personalized emails with the speed and precision not previously possible, dynamically reacting to customer behaviors and catalog changes in seconds. With more than 150 customers representing more than 180 high-end apparel, electronics, automotive and consumer brands, Bluecore delivers customer engagement and conversion at rates that defy industry standards.

Team: Tyson Baber, Justin Lafayette, Parinaz Sobhani, Emily Walsh, Margaret Wu


DISCO is a legal technology company that applies artificial intelligence and cloud computing to legal problems to help great lawyers and legal teams improve legal outcomes for their clients. DISCO is the market leader in cloud ediscovery. Corporate legal departments, law firms, and government agencies around the world use DISCO as their ediscovery solution for compliance, disputes, and investigations.

Team: Tyson Baber, Jason Brenier, Akshay Budhkar, Nick Chen


Opcity is modernizing the real estate industry by matching top agents with qualified home buyers and sellers in real-time. Using large proprietary data sets and applied analytics, Opcity’s unique technology and matching algorithm turn online inquiries into transactions, drive increases in conversion by three to five times the industry average, and give brokers centralized insights into agents’ pipelines for the first time.

Team: Tyson Baber, Jason Brenier, Michael Robinson, Emily Walsh

Acquired by News Corp subsidiary Move Inc. in August 2018.


PrecisionLender is modernizing commercial banking. Its sales and negotiation solution empowers bankers with actionable, in-the-moment insights and coaching, so they win better deals and build strong, more profitable relationships. Andi®, PrecisionLender's virtual insights analyst, augments banker strengths and intelligence with the latest technology and data, delivering the best recommendations at exactly the right time. More than 12,000+ bankers at 200+ banks – ranging from $1B to $1T in assets – use the solution.

Team: Tyson Baber, Jason Brenier, Hershel Harris, Justin LaFayette, Emily Walsh


Shipwell transforms supply chains by combining transportation management, visibility, and an integrated partner network in one simple and responsive platform that scales as your business grows. Named to Forbes’ 2020 “Next Billion Dollar Startups” list, Shipwell has set up over 800,000 drivers in its platform, which analyzes 100 million data points a day.

Team: Tyson Baber, Alex Manea, Jane Podbelskaya


Signpost is automated CRM for B2C businesses. The Signpost platform automatically tracks every email, call, credit card transaction and social media interaction between a business and one of its customers. Signpost’s automated marketing engine leverages this CRM data to send email and SMS messages that convert new customers and drive repeat business and word-of-mouth.

Team: Tyson Baber, Justin LaFayette, Michael Robinson, Emily Walsh


Stratifyd is a technology company providing end-to-end customer analytics to companies worldwide. Stratifyd’s platform is powered by AI and enables companies to efficiently tailor marketing efforts, increase customer retention, improve products and services, and boost revenue based on unstructured data. To learn more, visit www.stratifyd.com.

Team: Tyson Baber, Nick Chen


Strivr is the leader in immersive learning, a groundbreaking methodology that combines virtual reality (VR) with advanced learning theory, data science and spatial design to transform employee performance. Incubated at Stanford University by world-renowned VR expert Jeremy Bailenson and CEO Derek Belch, Strivr quickly expanded its focus from the athlete to the enterprise, now partnering with Fortune 1000 companies including BMW, Fidelity, JetBlue, Verizon and Walmart, to elevate performance through immersive experience. For more information, visit www.strivr.com.

Team: Tyson Baber, Niamh Barry, Jason Brenier, Evan Kerr


Tealium is the leader in real-time unified marketing solutions, helping brands seamlessly integrate their siloed applications and data, and drive more profitable interactions across all digital touch points. Tealium’s open platform for tag management and data enrichment enables marketers to bring order to chaos and build better customer experiences.

Team: Tyson Baber, Jason Brenier, Justin LaFayette, Madalin Mihailescu, Liliana Panic, Margaret Wu


TraceLink is the World's Largest Track and Trace Network for connecting the Life Sciences supply chain and eliminating counterfeit prescription drugs from the global marketplace. Leading businesses trust the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud to deliver complete global connectivity, visibility, and traceability of pharmaceuticals from ingredient to patient.

Team: Tyson Baber, Madalin Mihailescu, Margaret Wu