Alex Tapscott

Episode 25: Understanding the Blockchain’s Implications for Financial Services and Beyond

Ben Wilde | Blockchain

When you think about the blockchain, you probably think about a public ledger that lets you move money securely from one place to another. But the reality is that it’s about more than that. It’s a way to safely share all kinds of information. In this episode, Georgian Partners’ Ben Wilde talks with Alex Tapscott, the CEO and Founder of Northwest Passage Ventures, about the implications of the blockchain in financial services and beyond.

You’ll hear about:

  • The limitations of the traditional Internet for payments
  • The underlying reasons why the promise of the Internet was unfulfilled
  • Bitcoin and the peer-to-peer economy
  • The broader applications of the blockchain
  • Who’s adopting the technology
  • Misconceptions about the blockchain
  • The rise of private blockchains
  • How banks are using the blockchain to trade with each other
  • How NASDAQ is reinventing its business with the blockchain
  • Opportunities for blockchain beyond financial services