David Court

Episode 22: How Information Technology Will Change Your Company’s Operations

Jon Prial | Leadership

We all know that technology is rapidly advancing and changing the way that companies do business in the process. As a CEO or entrepreneur, you need to understand that evolution and what it means in practical terms for your company’s operations. In this episode, Jon Prial talks with David Court, a Director and Senior Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Dallas Office. Find out what it means to be analytical in your business, where the big tech disruptions are going to be coming from, and what you need to do to get ready for them.

You’ll hear about:

  • How IT has gone from a control mechanism to a means of managing your business
  • How CEOs should think about keeping up with tech issues
  • Where responsibility for analytics should lie in your company
  • How analytics tend to work in organizations
  • What a CEO needs to do first to embrace analytics
  • The evolution of digital first to be more than just analytics
  • Machine learning, the digitization of processes, and looking to ahead to the next five years