Episode 28: How a Cyber Attack Inspired a New Era of Blockchain-Powered Digital Security

Jon Prial | Blockchain

In 2007, a cyber attack rocked Estonia, affecting parliament, banks, and media outlets. It was an event that cast a spotlight on cyber security and that also gave rise to a number of new businesses. In this episode, Jon Prial talks with Lee Cocking, the SVP Products at Guardtime, an industrial blockchain platform that’s being used to power digital transformation. In a fascinating discussion, they look at how the blockchain is making it possible to take digital security to a whole new level.

You’ll hear about:

  • How Guardtime was formed in response to cyber attack in Estonia
  • Why blockchain is suitable for security solutions
  • Pubic key infrastucture (PKI) vs. keyless signature infrastructure (KSI)
  • Building layers on top of the blockchain
  • Public versus private blockchains
  • Guardtime’s data protection solutions
  • Physical assets in the blockchain
  • How CEOs should think about the blockchain and security
  • Skillsets that companies need to hire for security