Episode 37: The Future of Machine Learning

December 20, 2016   |   Jon Prial

Machine learning is everywhere. It’s a basic foundation for artificial intelligence, it’s driving a fundamental change in the way that programmers approach their work, and it’s so ubiquitous and good, that we often don’t even know when it’s around. In this episode, we share a presentation from Inmar Givoni, Director of Machine Learning at Kindred.ai, in which she shares her insights on the future of machine learning.

You’ll hear about:

-What machine learning is and common applications of it (1:21)
-Why we’re in the middle of a machine learning and data revolution (3:54)
-What big data is (7:11)
-Practical considerations for e-commerce and other domains (8:05)
-Data-driven products (16:20)
-Future of machine learning (20:25)

Inmar Govani

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