Episode 32: Conversational Interfaces, Chatbots and the Technology Behind Them

October 12, 2016   |   Jason Brenier

Conversational interfaces, chatbots and natural language processing are all integral parts of what we like to call conversational AI. In this episode, Ben Wilde interviews Georgian Partners’ Jason Brenier, a new member of the firm’s Impact Team with deep expertise in instant messaging and conversational agents.

You’ll hear about:

  • What’s driving the adoption of conversational interfaces
  • How natural language processing will advance conversational interfaces
  • The techniques being applied in conversational interfaces
  • The evolution of text interaction
  • Automation’s role in conversational interfaces
  • Where companies are focusing their efforts on chatbots
  • How sophisticated chatbots are
  • What bot designers should be thinking about from a language perspective
  • Bot design properties you need to keep in mind
  • Key benefits of conversational interfaces
  • Example of business applications of the technology


Jason Brenier

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