Thesis Areas.

We take a thesis-led approach to investing.

Our investment thesis is that certain tech trends change every aspect of a software business over time including business models, product plans, people and skills, technology platforms, pricing, and packaging. We invest in those companies best positioned to take advantage of such major trends and then work closely with our portfolio to develop and execute the strategies necessary to make it happen.

Our investment thesis areas are:


Applied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning in particular, are driving a fundamental shift in how software is built. Companies in every industry are starting to reinvent themselves through the application of advances in machine learning to improve insights and accelerate the automation of business.

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Conversational AI

Text-based messaging, chatbots and voice assistants are quickly becoming a ubiquitous part of how businesses communicate. As they evolve, they will allow businesses to reach customers in a highly personalized and infinitely scalable way.

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High profile scandals are making customers wary of sharing data at a time when companies need data to drive value creation more than ever. The best companies will use the heightened awareness of security, privacy, fairness and transparency issues as an opportunity to build trust with their customers.

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