Chris Matys

Episode 1: Building Data Science Teams with Chris Matys

We live in a world that’s increasingly fueled by data and analytics. But for companies to unlock the value all of that information represents, and improve business processes, they need some very specialized help. In this episode, Jon Prial talks to Georgian Partners’ own Chief Analytics Officer Chris Matys about data scientists. Find out what they do, where you can find them, and what it takes to build a successful data science team.

You’ll hear about:

  • Why companies are building their own data science teams
  • What data scientists actually do
  • The four skill sets necessary for data science
  • Why it’s important to start your data science team with a product manager
  • How to approach data to glean insights
  • How data science needs change as companies scale
  • Why companies struggle to find data scientists and build data science teams
  • How to find and vet data scientists
  • When it does and doesn’t make sense to outsource data science
  • What factors determine whether data science teams succeed or fail