Georgian Partners Leads $30.5 Million Series C Investment in RiskIQ

Steve Leightell | News

I am very pleased to announce that Georgian Partners has led a $30.5 million Series C funding in San Francisco-based RiskIQ, the leader in Digital Risk Management. You can read more about the investment in the official press release here but I wanted to share a little more about why we are so excited to be joining the RiskIQ team.

The cyber security market is one that receives a significant amount of media attention and it takes something special to stand out from all that noise.  And when we first met the RiskIQ team, we quickly saw that they were one of those companies that had built something of real value.

Not only did we see great customers, unique data capabilities, and advanced use of analytics, we saw a founder-led team of experts with a passion for cyber security.  Lou, CK and Dave are deep subject matter experts who have built a likeminded team that is passionate about helping defend organisations against what is now an almost constant barrage of online attacks.

And on the product side, RiskIQ has amassed 8 years’ (and counting) worth of data. That rich historical view is of critical importance.  When an organization gets hit by a sophisticated attack, the same attackers have likely been around for a long time, using more primitive methods which have previously gone undetected. By being able to go back and look at behavior that is now recognized as an attack allows RiskIQ clients to understand what the attackers are really up to and what they are exploiting. Without historic data this would be hard or impossible because by the time the attackers are ready to cause damage they are quite good at covering their tracks. The best strategy is looking at what the attackers did in the past.

The data that RiskIQ gathers comes in part from an extensive and geographically spread sensor network that actively crawls the internet allowing RiskIQ to appear as regular users accessing websites or services. This prevents attackers from recognizing that they are being scanned by a security company. The team has also established key partnerships that allow them to ingest DNS request logs, helping to detect malicious URLs, apps and phishing sites.

But it’s not just about the data. RiskIQ is applying machine learning and advanced analytics to that raw internet data to continuously map and find threats across an organization’s various attack surfaces to deliver actionable insights that help protect their clients.

And while the expertise and the product that RiskIQ have built is world class, it’s also very important to note that we share similar business values and philosophies. We’re excited to be working with Lou, CK, Dave and their team to further accelerate their efforts around applied analytics and artificial intelligence.

We’ll have them on the Impact Podcast soon so you can hear more directly from the team.