How We Help.

Software expertise, applied to your business.

The Georgian Impact team are experienced technology practitioners and Ph.D.’s with expertise in areas including deep learning, software engineering, natural language processing and privacy. The team is focused on helping our portfolio companies take advantage of foundational tech trends to create value and accelerate their business. This ranges from leading strategy workshops, to applied research projects, to the development of software products our portfolio uses to accelerate the adoption of breakthrough technology.

From strategy to code.

The Georgian Impact team works with portfolio companies to accelerate their progress in applied artificial intelligence, conversational AI and trust, and to further develop their technology and engineering capabilities. Engagements range from helping identify and prioritize opportunities with strategy workshops through to hands on applied research projects that help teams deliver real code.

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  • Trust culture development
  • Trust review and risk assessment
  • Privacy analysis and architecture
  • Bias assessment and mitigation
  • Adoption of differential privacy

Applied Artificial Intelligence

  • AI use case design
  • Information rights and data acquisition
  • Machine learning model selection
  • Model quality and bias assessment
  • AI product delivery

Conversational AI

  • Audience analysis and planning
  • Conversational UX design
  • Persona design
  • Conversational channel integration
  • Natural language processing

Technology & Engineering

  • Technical talent recruitment
  • Engineering team scaling
  • Engineering process optimization
  • Technology architecture review
  • M&A technical due diligence

“We’re very thankful that the Georgian Impact team not only helped us identify, prioritize and create a roadmap for solving a number of security issues, but that they’ve also helped us pinpoint a new way that we can create value for our customers.”

Mike Silagadze, Co-founder & CEO of Top Hat