Episode 99: Should You Be Worried About Your AI Liability?

April 11, 2019   |   Carole Piovesan

The use of AI raises new questions about the use of personal data. For companies, this means being more thoughtful about how you collect, store and use data. But where do we stand when it comes to the law?

In this episode , Jon Prial welcomes Carole Piovesan, Partner and Co-founder at INQ Data Law. They discuss some of the ethical implications of gathering and using data in artificial intelligence and how to square autonomy with liability.


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You’ll hear about:

  • How meaningful consent and privacy policies define our relationships online
  • Where we draw the line between the private and public domains in our digital lives
  • Whether current laws are sufficient for the evolving privacy challenges of artificial intelligence
  • Where liability lies in autonomous systems and where new regulations might emerge
  • Algorithmic accountability, fairness and trust

Who is Carole Piovesan?

Carole Piovesan is a Partner and Co-Founder of INQ Data Law, a law firm focused on data governance, privacy law, cybersecurity and AI. She has advised the Canadian government on legal and policy issues related to AI and provides advice to companies on their data practices. In August 2018, she served on behalf of the federal Minister of Innovation as one of six appointees to lead Canada’s digital and data transformation consultations (#CDNdigitalTalks).

Before launching INQ Data Law, Carole was a lawyer at McCarthy Tetrault LLP where she served as co-Lead of the National Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Management Group.


Carole Piovesan

Carole Piovesan

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