Derek Wang Stratifyd

Episode 98: Customer Analytics in the Age of Machine Learning

Imagine being able to capture every source of end-user interaction – from both structured and unstructured data – to provide a rich view of customer experience and actionable intelligence, in real-time. In this episode, Jon Prial talks with Derek Wang, the founder and CEO of Stratifyd, a company with an AI-powered end-to-end customer analytics platform that is enabling its customers to do just that.

On the show, Jon and Derek discuss Stratifyd’s vision and how he and his colleagues have taken a trove of unstructured data and applied it to a specific market space using machine learning and NLP to deliver valuable insights and workflow automation.


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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Stratifyd built a startup outside a traditional tech hub
  • How they are using unsupervised learning and NLP on unstructured data to provide immediate automated insights into vast amounts of customer data
  • How they then use supervised deep learning to generate automated workflows and decision-making
  • Why privacy and trust are a priority when handling such vast quantities of data

About Derek Wang:

Derek Wang is founder and CEO of Stratifyd, a customer analytics platform designed to equip business leaders worldwide with deep business insights in minutes instead of months. Before starting Stratifyd, Derek worked in academia, as Associate Director of the Charlotte Visualization Center working on visualization and visual analytics.