Episode 90: The Potential for Bias In AI with Clare Corthell

A few months ago, Jon Prial spoke with Clare Corthell, the founder of Luminant Data, about bias in machine learning models, what the implications of that bias can be, and how to avoid it in the first place. It was episode 74 and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already heard it. In this short bonus episode, they pick up where the conversation left off.

You’ll hear about:

  • The potential for bias in AI-powered services like Airbnb
  • How to leverage AI and human capabilities
  • Recognizing how the objectives of a system can have a negative impact

Who Is Clare Corthell?

Clare Corthell is a Data Scientist and Engineer with experience leading teams, building custom products for diverse business needs, building machine learning and natural language processing systems, and defining corporate data strategy. Over the last few years, she has built and managed Luminant Data, consulting on building more transparent predictive systems. Clients include startups, software companies, media businesses, R&D firms, and international nonprofits. Trained as a product designer, she focuses on building intelligent products with iterative, testable prototypes on the path to production. In addition, Clare is the author of The Open Source Data Science Masters, leads initiatives to combat algorithmic harm and improve transparency, and built a ridesharing NGO in Nairobi.