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Episode 89: The Future of Text to Speech with David Vazquez

Jon Prial | Conversational AI

Earlier this year, Google Duplex garnered lots of attention when it shared its demo of an interaction between a very life-like bot and a human being. It was an impressive display of the potential of text-to-speech applications. Although text to speech has been around for a long time, these days it’s improving so quickly that getting it right is going to be critical to keeping customers happy. In this episode, Jon Prial welcomes David Vasquez, who until recently was a text-to-speech voice designer at Google. Together, they discuss what CEOs need to be thinking about to deploy text-to-speech technology and where it’s headed in the future.

You’ll hear about:

  • Interesting applications of text-to-speech technology
  • The ethical implications of not identifying a bot as a bot
  • The importance of empathy in text to speech
  • How to make a text-to-speech system effective
  • How to deploy a system effectively
  • Trends for the future of text to speech