Episode 87: Trust and the Data Scientist’s Dilemma with Kathryn Hume

Is it unethical if your company doesn’t do it’s due diligence on avoiding bias? In this episode, Jon Prial talks with Kathryn Hume, the Vice President of Product and Strategy at integrate.ai. Kathryn and her team recently published a paper entitled “Responsible AI in Consumer Enterprise” which offers a framework to help organizations operationalize ethics, privacy and security as they apply machine learning and artificial intelligence. Jon and Kathryn discuss the paper and highlight some of its key takeaways for today’s businesses.

You’ll Learn About

  • How ethics can make or break a company
  • How machine learning systems can negatively impact people
  • Using a framework to examine ethical issues as you build ML systems
  • Practical advice for being more ethical with AI

Mentioned in the Episode

Responsible AI in Consumer Enterprise

Who Is Kathryn Hume?

Kathryn Hume is passionate about building companies and products that unlock the commercial value of emerging technologies. Alongside her work at the Vice President of Product and Strategy at integrate.ai, she is a Venture Partner at ffVC, a seed and early stage technology venture capital firm, where she advises early stage artificial intelligence companies and sources deal flow. As the former Director of Sales and Marketing at Fast Forward Labs (Cloudera), Kathryn helped Fortune 500 companies accelerate their machine learning and data science capabilities. She holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Stanford University.