Chris Saad

Episode 77: Who’s Got Your Data? Why #DeleteFacebook Isn’t the Answer

In this episode of The Impact Podcast, Jon Prial welcomes Chris Saad, the former Head of Product at Uber Developer Platform. Together, they talk about data rights and data portability, what can happen when people perceive that their trust has been violated, and what companies can do to avoid such situations in the first place.

You’ll Hear About

  • Data portability
  • The story behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal
  • The role of data vs. attention ion business models
  • How companies should approach data and data rights

Mentioned in the Episode

Who Is Chris Saad? 

Chris Saad is a serial entreprenuer, strategic adviser and the former Head of Product at Uber Developer Platform. He’s also the co-author of APML, the co-founder of the DataPortability Project, and a mentor at Founders for FoundersPodcaster. He was formally the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Echo and describes himself as “curious about everything.” Chris Chris helps companies build teams, products, platforms and brands.