William Mougayar

Episode 76: William Mougayar on the Future of Blockchain, CryptoKitties, Bitcoin and More

Jon Prial | Blockchain

In this episode of the Impact Podcast, Jon Prial welcomes investor, entrepreneur and blockchain expert William Mouygayer back to the show. They talk about the use of tokens as mediums of exchange, the importance of trust and how to establish it on the blockchain, and why CryptoKitties are so important to understand. They also get into the future of the blockchain, the kinds of businesses that are most likely to bring it to the mainstream, and the role that regulation might play in all of this.

Then stay tuned for an episode of Extra Impact, for a discussion of the roller coaster ride that bitcoin has been on in recent months and the future of digital versus crypto currencies. You can access this Extra Impact content through the form below.

You’ll hear about:

  • The use of tokens as mediums of exchange that are built on top of the blockchain to create value for businesses.
  • Why databases and the blockchain might co-exist.
  • The importance of trust and how to establish it in the blockchain.
  • The concept of digital assets that can only exist on the blockchain, e.g., CryptoKitties
  • The timeline for blockchain adoption
  • How regulation will affect the blockchain

Who Is William Mougayar?

William Mougayar is the leading blockchain industry analyst and thought leader. As a long time industry insider, William is a prolific researcher, writer and theorist who has been described as the most sophisticated blockchain business thinker. His views and insights are well respected worldwide.William is the General Partner at Virtual Capital Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund, and currently on the Board of Directors of OB1, the OpenBazaar open source protocol that is pioneering decentralized peer-to-peer commerce, a Board Advisor to the Ethereum Foundation, a member of OMERS Ventures Board of Advisors, an Advisory Board member to the Coin Center and Bloq, and founder of Startup Management.