Bill Adler

Episode 75: What Happens When Machine Learning and Fashion Converge?

Over the past decade, just about everything seems to have gone digital. Today complex algorithms serve up recommendations tailored to our individual tastes, completely transforming how we consume books, movies, music and more. And yet, we haven’t seen the same digital revolution take hold in the massive $2 trillion fashion industry. Or is that all about to change? In this episode, Jon Prial talks with Bill Adler, the Founding President and CEO of True Fit, data-driven personalization platform for footwear and apparel retailers. Together they discuss how True Fit is using machine learning to disrupt the fashion industry with benefits to consumers, retailers, manufacturers and more.

Then keep listening for an episode of Extra Impact, where the conversation continues with True Fit’s Chief Analytics Officer, Chris Moore. In that discussion, Jon and Chris dive into best practices for building and managing massive data sets. You can access the episode below.

You’ll Hear About

  • The challenges facing the fashion industry
  • How True Fit is applying machine learning to the industry
  • Building a data collective
  • The future of the fashion industry

Who Is William Adler?

William R. Adler brings more than 25 years of leadership and experience building global brands and scaling successful businesses across retail, software and services to True Fit, where he has been the Founding CEO & President since 2010. Under Bill’s leadership, True Fit has raised nearly $100 million in venture capital to build and scale the Fashion Genome. With a world-class team of established retail and data science leaders, True Fit has organized and mapped the world’s largest platform of footwear & apparel data through strategic partnerships with thousands of top brands, hundreds of the world’s leading retailers, and over 60 million consumers. Powered by sophisticated AI, True Fit’s platform provides retailers and brands in this massive data collective with a competitive advantage and growth platform, which has allowed True Fit to rapidly scale.