Abhay Gupta

Episode 68: Is Data the Key to Falling in Love with Your Utility Providers?

When’s the last time you thought about your utility providers? Probably when you signed up for their service, right? Historically, utility companies have never had a personal relationship with their customers because they never provided a unique, personalized service. Yet with the rise of smart meters, we have access to vast amount of data that, when properly interpreted, can help utility companies better serve their customers. In this episode, Jon Prial talks with Abhay Gupta, the CEO of Bidgely, a software company with an energy monitoring and management solution that’s working to help utility companies empower and engage their customers.

You’ll hear about

  • The opportunity utility companies have for helping customers understand their energy consumption
  • The implications for privacy
  • The differences between smart meters and sensors

Who is Abhay Gupta?

Abhay Gupta founded Bidgely with the mission to accomplish energy efficiency at a massive scale. He’s worked at a combination of energy and technology companies including Grid Net, Echelon and Sun Microsystems. He holds a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, M.S. from University of Southern California and MBA from Santa Clara University.