Episode 62: Is Machine Learning the Secret to Uber’s Success?

October 29, 2017   |   Jon Prial

If you think Uber is a ride-hailing business, you’re wrong. It’s actually a machine learning business. Machine learning is what makes Uber’s service possible by, among other things, helping to ensure that drivers get to you as quickly as possible. In this episode, Jon Prial talks with Michael Del Balso, Product Manager, Machine Learning at Uber. Together, they discuss how Uber is using machine learning, how machine learning is changing the company’s product management function, and what it takes to bring a product to market with machine learning everywhere.

You’ll hear about

  • The use of predictions in machine learning
  • Uber’s greatest challenges with machine learning
  • The role of machine learning in product management
  • How to stay on top of advances in machine learning

Who is Michael Del Balso?

Michael Del Balso is the Product Manager, Machine Learning at Uber. Uber in San Francisco. Prior to this role, he was at Google where he managed the core machine learning systems that power Google’s ads auction. Previous to that he worked on Maps at Google. In addition, Michael was a participant of Canadian startup accelerator, Next 36, where he co-founded Playfit, a health startup. He holds a BASc in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Toronto.

Mike Del Balso

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