Jes Ellacot

Episode 122: Leading with Trust

David Poole | Trust

When companies start leading with trust, they win.

Jes Ellacott is our guest on this episode of the Georgian Impact Podcast. Jes manages the content marketing and creative services team at Fiix Software, which is upending the way companies track equipment maintenance. Fiix is on a mission to bring trust to the forefront of everything they do, and Jes is leveraging her background in journalism to build trust among customers, employees, and the broader community.

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You’ll hear about:

  • Why communicating trust as a core value internally is an important early step.
  • How citing sources, talking to experts, avoiding clickbait titles, and adhering to journalistic ethics can build trust in marketing.
  • Trust in the era of COVID-19, and how empathy in messaging is key.
  • How a data driven company stepped back from hard metrics to build trust through culture change.
  • The value of pointing out and encouraging trust building behaviours at all levels of a company.


Who is Jes Ellacott?

Jes Ellacott is Content Marketing Manager at Fiix Software, a cloud-based CMMS is disrupting the market by revolutionizing how thousands of companies worldwide schedule, organize, and track maintenance. She has a degree in Journalism from Carleton University, and a Graduate Certificate in Documentary Production from Algonquin College. Before Fiix she was Blog Editor and Content Manager for Technavio.