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Episode 105: You Will Be Breached

You’re always faced with trade-offs. Cleaning up technical debt or adding new features. Hiring more sales reps or investing in customer success. You have to make these decisions. But what about security? Threats are constantly evolving and solutions are too. Is it ever worth the trade-off?

In this episode of the Georgian Impact Podcast, Jon Prial talks with Kerry Bailey, CEO of eSentire. Kerry emphasizes that it’s not whether, but when you will be breached. Taking this mindset sharpens your focus on security as a strategic initiative and shows that there are no trade-offs worth making.

It’s why we published our thesis on Security First and it’s more relevant today than ever as security performs a foundational role in building trust with your customers.

You’ll hear about:

  • Why cybersecurity may just be the best use case in the world for AI
  • How managed security has evolved from human-driven to AI/ML
  • Why security is about more than tech: it’s a cultural issue and a board level item


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Who is Kerry Bailey?

Kerry Bailey is CEO of eSentire. eSentire has been part of the Georgian portfolio since 2014. As CEO of eSentire, Kerry is driving the company’s market acceleration and its evolution as the industry’s leading Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provider.

His executive experience spans security, managed services and cloud computing at Fortune 50 and early-stage growth companies, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise , Verizon Enterprise, Betrusted and Security Assurance Group.