Case Studies

Building a Product
With Trust at its Core
at Turnitin

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Safety First: Using Applied Analytics
to Reduce Workplace Accidents


When Cority, a global leader in environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software, wanted to raise capital, it was keen to find a partner that offered more than just a check. The Toronto-based company helps organizations manage safety in the workplace and has access to a trove of customer data. Its President and CEO, Mark Wallace, knew that if his team could harness the insights that data contained, they’d be able to improve their product and further differentiate themselves from...

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How WorkFusion Used Differential Privacy
to Solve Its Cold-Start Problem

Robotic Process Automation company WorkFusion had an amazing product. The problem was that because of privacy concerns it could take up to six months to onboard new clients and start driving revenue. The company needed a way to solve its cold-start problem so that it could begin delivering immediate results for its customers.

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Differential Privacy Innovation at Bluecore


As the leading retail marketing platform specializing in email, New York City-based Bluecore uses data to help companies identify their best customers and keep them for life. It does this by combining customer behavior and product data, which allows marketers to create personalized campaigns across all their marketing channels...

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Proof Positive: How Differential Privacy Became
an Integral Part of’s Product Vision

Toronto-based has an ambitious agenda. The company is building an AI-powered platform for B2C enterprises that’s designed to integrate with business processes to make consumer interactions more natural and valuable. To achieve that, its platform brings data together from multiple sources to provide richer insights into how consumers behave in different business settings...

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Back to School: Making Security
a Core Strategic Initiative


When he was first approached to have a talk about security, Mike Silagadze was cautious. As the CEO of Top Hat, a company that sells classroom engagement software and electronic textbooks to colleges and universities, he recognized the need to invest in the security of his solution. However, like the CEO of every growth-stage company, Silagadze was caught up in the difficult balancing act of managing limited resources against many competing priorities...

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Keeping Patients out of the Hospital

When Kinnser was founded in 2003, it was with the goal of creating software to help improve home health care in the United States. Within a decade, the Austin-based software company had not only achieved that goal, but also set another one that was even more ambitious: It wanted to tap into the vast quantities of data that it had collected to keep people out of the hospital...

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Technical Due Diligence Delivered


Content marketing software platform, ScribbleLive, has experienced dramatic growth over the past year. And, while much of that growth has been organic, the Toronto-based company also expanded as a result of several strategic acquisitions. In January 2016, it acquired a content creation platform called Later that year its acquisition of SEO platform Linkdex followed...

New Paths to Growth


In November 2016, Jeff Lunsford found himself in Toronto. As the CEO of San Diego-based Tealium, a company that sells enterprise tag management and marketing software, Lunsford had come for Georgian Partners’ annual conference. Just a year and a half before, Georgian had led a $30.7 million Series D round of financing in the company. Lunsford and his team had spent the months since perfecting Tealium’s technology and...