Canada Learning Code.

We’re proud supporters of Canada Learning Code.

Canada Learning Code is a non-profit organization that’s working hard to ensure that Canada has the skilled, competitive and diverse technology leadership it needs to succeed in the twenty-first century. It plans to achieve this by delivering on its ambitious goal of creating 10 million meaningful technology education experiences for Canadians by 2027.

As a founding partner, we’re committed to not only giving Canada Learning Code the financial support that it needs, but to also rolling up our sleeves and getting involved hands on in helping it achieve its important mission.

Canada Learning Code is looking for other partners who can provide financial and in-kind support. They’re also looking for corporate volunteers and mentors, as well as for meeting space to host workshops. Getting involved is a rewarding experience, and one that can help raise the profile of your business throughout the community.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in getting involved, visit

“My favourite part of camp was when we made a website and learned how to use HTML and CSS.  I got to learn a lot of things I haven’t been able to learn in school, and I’m really happy I got the opportunity to come.”

Program Participant, Age 11

“Canada Learning Code offers amazing, world-class programs. I like them so much that I not only volunteer, I also send my kids to them.”

Simon Chong, Managing Partner