This is our story.

Software has always been a part of our DNA. When we started Georgian Partners back in 2008, we were a small group of former software entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to help growth-stage companies harness one of the largest technology trends of the past 20 years. That trend is what we call applied analytics — the intersection of data science, unique data and software applications.

At the time, we had already seen cloud and mobile result in major disruption across the business software industry. We also knew that other major tech trends would soon follow suit. And, like cloud and mobile, applied analytics has since evolved from a novel idea to a mainstream business technology.

Since then, we have seen a number of new trends emerge that will be equally disruptive and beneficial for the businesses that adopt them. These include applied artificial intelligence, conversational AI and trust. And, as with applied analytics before them, our focus is on helping our portfolio companies harness these trends to accelerate their business and create value.

Since 2008, we have raised four funds and have made over 50 investments in software companies across North America. We have also grown into a team of more than 50 technical experts and investment professionals, who all share a common passion for technology. We love helping companies use technology to not only disrupt their markets, but also find entirely new ways of doing business.

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4 Funds

12 Exits

50 Staff

38 Companies

50 Investments

Founded in 2008

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