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Line of Fire: 5 Security Protections that Will Keep You Out of Most Hackers’ Cross Hairs

Jul 30, 2015 • By Dan Guido
Editor’s Note: This guest post by Dan Guido continues our foray into security first, the premise that technology companies should view security not as an operational necessity bu ... Read more

Must Listen: Four Podcasts on Machine Learning

Jul 24, 2015 • By Ben Wilde
Machine learning is an important area within the broader domain of artificial intelligence that is helping make possible innovations as diverse as self-driving cars, natural la ... Read more

Welcoming Influitive to the Georgian Partners Family

Jul 09, 2015 • By Simon Chong
Today I’m pleased to announce that Georgian Partners has invested in a very exciting young software company who are the leader in advocate marketing: Influitive. Georgian Part ... Read more

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