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Messaging is the Interface

Sep 30, 2015 • By Hershel Harris
There is little doubt we prefer texting to communicate on our mobile devices. In fact it was 2008 when SMS first overtook voice calls by volume. Then in January of this year WhatsA ... Read more

9 Tips For Building Data Science Teams

Sep 14, 2015 • By Ben Wilde
Earlier this month Impact Team members Madalin Mihailescu and Chris Matys hosted a discussion with our portfolio company CTOs on the topic of hiring and scaling up data science tea ... Read more

Make Security First a Priority, or Perish

Sep 08, 2015 • By Richard Hyatt
When I think back to my childhood, I can clearly recall two of the earliest instances when I was exposed to the concept of cyber security. The first and most vivid memory I have is ... Read more

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