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We invest in growth-stage, SaaS-based business software companies that harness applied artificial intelligence, conversational AI, and trust. Our unique approach to investment combines growth capital with deep software expertise.

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Georgian has launched our first in a family of software products that we give to our portfolio companies in order to accelerate the adoption of our thesis areas. Our products focus on key applied research problems to the benefit of our portfolio.

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Episode 99: Should You Be Worried About Your AI Liability?

The use of AI raises new questions about the use of personal data. For companies, this means being more thoughtful about how you collect, store and use data. But where…


Episode 98: Customer Analytics in the Age of Machine Learning

Imagine being able to capture every source of end-user interaction – from both structured and unstructured data – to provide a rich view of customer experience and actionable intelligence, in…


The 11 Principles of Trust [Presentation]

When data is the lifeblood of your business, it’s critical that customers, partners and regulators trust you to protect their information. Companies that build trust will enjoy deeper, longer-lasting customer…

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