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We invest in growth-stage, SaaS-based business software companies that exploit applied artificial intelligence, security first and conversational AI. Our unique approach to investment combines growth capital with deep software expertise.

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Georgian has launched our first in a family of software products that we give to our portfolio companies in order to accelerate the adoption of our thesis areas. Our products focus on key applied research problems to the benefit of our portfolio.

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Episode 93: Facial Recognition, Demographic Analysis and More with Timnit Gebru

Whether overt or unintentional, whether human- or technology-oriented, bias is something that every company must be vigilant about. And while it used to be something you might have to worry…


Episode 92: Bitcoin and the Future of Digital and Cryptocurrencies with William Mougayar

Earlier this year, Jon Prial spoke to entrepreneur and blockchain expert William Mougayar on the use of tokens as mediums of exchange, the importance of trust and how to establish…


Episode 91: The Future is Robots and AI-Powered Software with Suzanne Gildert

Are we headed for a real-life version of Westworld? In this episode, Jon Prial welcomes Suzanne Gildert, the Founder and CEO of Sanctuary AI, a startup that builds human-like robots…


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