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We invest in growth-stage, SaaS-based business software companies that harness applied artificial intelligence, conversational AI, and trust. Our unique approach to investment combines growth capital with deep software expertise.

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Georgian has launched our first in a family of software products that we give to our portfolio companies in order to accelerate the adoption of our thesis areas. Our products focus on key applied research problems to the benefit of our portfolio.

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Episode 113: Taking Control of our Personal Data

How can you tell the difference between a company that resells your data and one that treats it with care? How do you control where it ends up? In this…

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How to Create a Feedback Culture

There’s so much to love about the end of the year. From holiday cheer to dusting snow, it’s hard to feel anything but joyous. For many employees, there’s just one…

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Episode 112: Designing for Humans and Machines

Human-centered design has helped to make truly great products, by designing the product so that the user has a great experience and perceives value. Now, to be successful, we have…

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