Georgian Partners invests in growth-stage enterprise software companies, typically with $500,000 or more in monthly recurring revenues or $6M+ on an annualized basis. We can invest earlier if we see predictability in the model and strong growth and we are also happy to talk to earlier stage companies who are doing interesting things in terms of Applied Analytics: the convergence of Cloud-based business solutions, Big Data, and broad Information Rights.

If your company is earlier stage but would like to talk more about Applied Analytics, please get in touch.


Georgian Partners has a deep respect for entrepreneurs, your time and the difficult job you have and so we strive to make our process as simple and as transparent as possible. The starting point is typically an introductory call to confirm a fit both with  company stage and with our Applied Analytics investment thesis.

If there is a fit and we are invited to undertake preliminary due diligence, we like to focus on understanding the solution and the market, the underlying technology, the Applied Analytics opportunity, the data the company has access to and the information rights a company has. The financials are important as well, but first and foremost we want to understand the value a company has created in the marketplace for its customers and itself.

Finally, a decision is made to issue a term sheet or not, and if a term sheet is accepted then we move into confirmatory due diligence.


Georgian Partners has developed a thesis that software and information services companies can increase their value, to both shareholders and customers, through leveraging the convergence of three key capabilities: deep domain knowledge around a Business Process, exploitation of Big Data software platforms and the Information Rights to use relevant data. We call this “Applied Analytics”. You can learn more about Applied Analytics here and by exploring the topics to the left.